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The ability to draw technical flats is an essential skill. Flats are used to brainstorm variety of  design options in the early stages of the design process. They are the preferred approach when designers need to quickly brainstorm 50 or more ideas that will be later shrunk to the best 10 included in the final collection. A much more refined version of the same flats is used in factories to get the clothes manufactured. In addition well drawn designs flats (aka CADs)  make a beautiful presentation for buyers, clients and investors.


Graphic Design:

I've worked with individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes to bring ideas to life and deliver trend driven, well thought out designs that in our opinion are the key to capturing your market and selling your line. I follow international trend  to understand what is happening in the apparel graphics market and how that will translate for my clients.

  • Screen print/embellishments

  • Logo/Corporate I.D. design

  • Hang tag/Labels

  • Package design

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